Wales is critically underfunded by Westminster Government by a minimum rate of £1.2 billion per year.

The effects of this missing money are felt both in terms of service cuts, poor quality employment, diminishing capital investment and real spending power taken out of the Welsh economy.

We are an alliance of organisations engaged in every area of Welsh public life. As our coalition grows, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with all who have a genuine interest in developing quality education, compassionate welfare, the creation of decent jobs, excellent services, health, housing, culture and sport.
Our campaign will not compete with other regions and nations and will not argue that Scotland & Northern Ireland receive less. We just want to secure the funding that Wales deserves!

Project austerity has led to critical underfunding for Wales. It represents a grave injustice that punishes our communities, conniving to scar lives and crush ambition. Beginning in Cardiff on Saturday September 9th, we invite you to sign our national statement and join us in this fight for economic justice for all!"

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